Shadows Of Giants

Session 8 Sickness

Making a copy of the glyph, the party take their leave of the deities and step out of the ruins of Kragspeak to find Clemmins. He says that the glyph is unknown to him, but he had seen it once in a book Ton Nor had one in his shop. The party break into the magic shop to find it emptied and up for sale. With little to go on they venture to the post office and ask if Ton Nor had forwarded anything to Rollsing. According to the postman, that spellcaster had a few wagons sent his way. Deciding that Ton Nor can wait, they turn their attention to the more pressing news of a sickness infesting Tiaman, the mountain village, as written by Satoyu Efor the young tradesman. The party grab a wagon from the stables and start on their way back to Tiaman, chasing a few willow-the-whips and discovering a magical dust of unknown properties buried in the woods.
After arriving at Tiaman and having a chat with the sick guardsman, the party interview a few people in town including Aggy the drow cleric. Tracing the cause to the water source, the group climb down a well and into newly carved caverns. They find their way to the final room and discover a deity playing with Kek’s cursed gold in the water. At first she is overtaken easily- but with a sudden resurgence, she transforms into a chuul! With quick use of stunning strike by Richard, the second form is overtaken and she is finally defeated.
The body of the chuul is brought to the surface and burned. After sending Aggy to bring the clerics of the Temple down from the mountain, they help pass out blessed water to those affected throughout the evening, and complete the half-day journey to Rollsing.


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