Shadows Of Giants

Session 3 Thieves will be Thieves

As the party enters the abandoned Tannery Factory, they fight a plethora of various creatures, from a cockroach-like rust monster to a non-corporeal shadow. They end up in a chase of the halfling that pick-pocketed them when they first entered Kragspeak. The halfling, Onet Danderfluff, returns the gold she stole and Chaos’ deck of cards, revealing she is a kleptomaniac, and has come under a strange charm that is spreading over Kragspeak. She is slowly returning what she steals to people over time, fighting the charm.
The party return to the Cackling Cauldron Tavern, and return the deck of cards. Chaos retrieves Onet and bids her take a card from the deck. Galatea draws one herself and summons a golden wand of unknown power into her hand. Onet draws a card and summons an avatar of the God of Death who commands the room to not interfere and chases the halfling out to the streets. The party visit the god-post and take a message written in thieves’ cant. They rest for the evening and venture to the Deadly Aim Tavern to speak with Feton Sat. He becomes angry at them and shouts for them to leave, secretly slipping the paper back into Richard’s hands. The message, now translated, speaks to a shipment down at the docks that midnight. The party spend their day reading and visiting the two Temples in the city, Mask and Azuth. That night, they interrupt the shipment and force the thieves to escape via boat. Their shipment is claimed and brought with them to the Lazy Devil Inn for safekeeping.


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