Shadows Of Giants

Session 10 - Soldier, Spy

Making their way to Master Gold’s house, they arrive and try to explain about breaking and entering. Master Gold waves it aside and demands a quest be completed for compensation: they must retrieve an iron dagger. He points them to Arun, the copper dragon; such a powerful magical beast should be aware of such an item, and likely has it in his care. They accept and meet a surprise at the inn – a small mountain of food had been collecting for them, a token of appreciation from the peoples of Tiaman for vanquishing the evils of two deities. They make a feast of the collection and call on Arun, asking about the dagger. He gives them direction to a nearby battlefield, and returns to his lands.
After a scuffle with scarecrows protecting the surrounding farmlands, they arrive at the battlefield at night. Seeing the eerie glow of Will-o-wisps, Apollomi finds a pattern in the patrolling souls, while Galatea uses Pass Without a Trace. They creep to every building, discovering an empty box that used to house a dagger. It’s gone?
As the group retreats, they are attacked by the wisps, the souls only letting up for a short time to return as skeletons! Ricky quickly takes down the minotaur corpse, and they retreat to an unusual stone archway, created by gnomes, sitting amidst a circle of dead grass. The God of Death bids them pass through the archway as more undead charge at the group- he touches the stone which glows and shoots out a terrible beam of light, destroying several of the approaching opponents. The party inquires about the archway, something that also puzzles the deity. They determine that the dagger is not here, and decide to head back to confront Arun about his apparent deception.


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