Shadows Of Giants

Session 6 Hope

After closing the summoning circle, a large shadow in a shape of a mask appears and attacks the group. The group grab the two unconscious thieves and run, the shadow lashing at their backs with such force it causes a cave-in. The party and everyone down in the ruins are now trapped. They follow the halfling for a time and get hopelessly lost. They leave the thieves in a safe area and explore the ruins for Morias, the God of Greed, and a way out. They meet thieves and their families all along the way and rally them to abandon Greed and pray to Mask. With every new follower Mask in the cape grows in strength. At long last they find Morias half dead and fend off a hungry displacer beast. They bring him back to the safety area and prepare to meet Greed in person.

Session 5 Retaliation

Walking away from the wizarding university, Yarzjereh Bhuroin is spotted just as a pair of thieves begin to swing an ax in the air – dangerously close to the god post. The adventurers intervene, only to be addressed by the god who is responsible for the possessions, speaking through a thief as a vessel. He destroys the god post, and releases the thief, the thief having just enough time to point the party towards finding Feton Sat before being killed by the god. The party learn from Priest Morias about a ceremony to summon Mask, collect his cross amulet, defend themselves from thugs, and return to find every last thief missing. They complete the ceremony and discover Mask has been sheltered in a halfling’s cape. The party quickly deliver the cape to the halfling in jail and convince her to join them in the ruins, where the god is likely to take his next step. They save the thieves from being slain with a clever group illusion to demonstrate diety-like powers, and stop a summoning ceremony that was calling an entity with double canines to this realm.

Session 4 Flee and Fall of the Wizarding Factory

Waking up to pouring rain, the adventurers hear rumors of the cursed magical items originating from a magical shop in town. Stepping into the shop they meet the proprietor, Master Gold, who has gold eyes, much like the ones being seen around town during possessions. He attempts to hurry them out as he is expecting company. The party successfully deceives the owner into thinking they are the company. The proprietor thinks he is being used as a scapegoat- whomever is possessing people around town is using him as cover. He needs an escort to escape the town safely. With a clever use of the druid’s horse transformation and quick bedroll cover and scatter tactic, the party is able to safely deliver the shop owner out of town. They give him a horse from the stables and directions to Rollsing.
Returning to town, the party attends a service at the Tempe of Mask and Azuth. At the Temple of Azuth, they speak with Clemmins the wizard apprentice, and discover something strange is going on at the university. They convince him to lead them to the university, and negotiate the translation of research papers about removing curses from magical items. After taking care of the university’s security measures, they meet Tal Imosefa the Headmaster in his office. The party determines he is under the influence of a particularly powerful possession from a gold bracelet he is wearing. With a quick distraction they pin him and remove the bracelet. He thanks them but feeling a slight tremor in the ground he quickly urges them to run. The party follow him without hesitation and safely exit the university just in time to see it be overtaken by a mountain of magically generated scrolls- a failed experiment to make spell scrolls at an accelerated rate.

Session 3 Thieves will be Thieves

As the party enters the abandoned Tannery Factory, they fight a plethora of various creatures, from a cockroach-like rust monster to a non-corporeal shadow. They end up in a chase of the halfling that pick-pocketed them when they first entered Kragspeak. The halfling, Onet Danderfluff, returns the gold she stole and Chaos’ deck of cards, revealing she is a kleptomaniac, and has come under a strange charm that is spreading over Kragspeak. She is slowly returning what she steals to people over time, fighting the charm.
The party return to the Cackling Cauldron Tavern, and return the deck of cards. Chaos retrieves Onet and bids her take a card from the deck. Galatea draws one herself and summons a golden wand of unknown power into her hand. Onet draws a card and summons an avatar of the God of Death who commands the room to not interfere and chases the halfling out to the streets. The party visit the god-post and take a message written in thieves’ cant. They rest for the evening and venture to the Deadly Aim Tavern to speak with Feton Sat. He becomes angry at them and shouts for them to leave, secretly slipping the paper back into Richard’s hands. The message, now translated, speaks to a shipment down at the docks that midnight. The party spend their day reading and visiting the two Temples in the city, Mask and Azuth. That night, they interrupt the shipment and force the thieves to escape via boat. Their shipment is claimed and brought with them to the Lazy Devil Inn for safekeeping.

Session 2 Curse these Chaotic Thieves

The adventurers accept a guard job where the wagon they are protecting turns out to be driven by God of Journeys. Now calling himself Meliora, he explains some of the tasks they will be asked to complete, and disappears as a manticore swoops in from the skies. They are able to speak to the manticore, who explains she is actually a drow, a cleric of Cheauntea sent to assist a nearby village. She had been cursed by an amulet, sold to her by Did Tur the Arcana shopkeeper. The party fends off an attack by a pack of dire wolves and administer an herb to get the manticore to expell the item. They bury the item on the spot and disguise it as a grave.
Back to Rollsing they say goodbye to the cleric, Agot Tecah “Aggy”, and confront Did Tur for selling cursed items. He breaks under pressure and reveals he has been buying his supplies from a new, cheaper distributor in Kragspeak from the Deadly Aim Tavern. The party set off with a caravan and reach the town of Kragspeak. Upon arriving they are pickpocketed, where they give chase but the thief escapes. After a night sleeping outside the city, they wonder into the Cackling Cauldron tavern and meet the God of Chaos who is livid- his deck of cards had also been stolen. He asks for the party’s help to get it back, and disappears at the mention of a halfling being a possible perpetrator.
The adventurers discover the magical post has moved into town as well. It points to a wizard giving out pamphlets for a free wizarding class. The class is taken by Galatea and Apollomi, where they attempt to create a potion of healing at the very end with varying degrees of success. Richard wonders to an herbalism shop and makes a discovery- most merchants in this town are under some sort of influence, something to do with their eyes flashing to a gold color sporadically. The party reconvenes and takes note that the wizard who taught the class, Tal Imosefa, has a suspicious bracelet that looks a lot like the amulet they had buried.
After a night’s rest provided by their patron at the Lazy Devil Inn, Richard has a breakfast chat with a druid, Taririe Rela, and convinces him to consider looking into the business of goodberry wine for his monastary. With the chat completed, the group heads to the Deadly Aim Tavern, and trick a newly recruited thief into giving them the passphrases. The head of the thief guild, Feton Sat, reveals himself and pulls the group aside. They ask for his help with a note they found in Rollsing written in thieves’ cant – he accepts the gold and tells them it reads “mask, cape, halfling”. The party also ask about the pickpocketing halfling, and he gives them direction to an old factory where she has been seen lately. They ask about the shipments of cursed items, where he stiffens and asks them to leave. They depart for the factory, and find a way in through a broken freezer-room door.

Session 1 God of Plague, and Blindsense

In our last session, the three characters met in a tavern in the village of Rollsing. From there, they defeated a lesser deity, Plague, from overtaking a nearby farming village’s temple, met a blind tiefling healer, and rescued an albino copper dragon from the throngs of adventurers out to slay it for money. Three vestiges, Death, Chaos, and Journey of another existence revealed themselves and asked for the adventurers to help them achieve god-hood in this existence. The adventurers chose Journey as their patron, and finish a long rest at the local inn, ready for the next challenge. There is a job request on a magical bullitin pole in the middle of town, asking for assistance with guarding a caravan.

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