Shadows Of Giants

Session 9 Tinker, Tailor

Returning to Rollsing the party join a good portion of the town outside of its walls for a picnic, watching Arun making his rounds in the distance. After checking the god-posts for any quests, they ask around the town for the whereabouts of Ton Nor. A gnome named Eidolon Cogsworth with an unusual mechanical cart overhears the party and requests to tag along – he is also looking for Ton Nor. Venturing to the manor on the hill that was recently purchased by the spellcaster, they break in and enter through the back door and basement. They stumble upon a terrible discovery – a vampire’s coffin! But no site of their query. Running back out of the house they decide to try looking in one last place – the spot on Arun’s lands where they had buried the cursed amulet.
Traveling out of town they come across the site and see it has been disturbed. They follow a trail of hoof prints to a burnt clearing with a strange metal apparatus. Just as Cogsworth figures out the controls a troll attacks the party. It is finally overtaken with the assistance of the apparatus’ flamethrower. Rivalchon spots Ton Nor in the woods nearby and intercepts him. He claims to have nothing to do with the troll, beyond tracking it down. He cuts into its torso and pulls out the cursed amulet, the troll shrinking down into the form of a dead halfling; a thief Ton Nor had hired to bring him the amulet. Overhearing about the break in of his home, Ton Nor demands to see the party the next morning and rides off.
As the party prepare to leave, one of the apparatus’ levers breaks and it takes on a life of its own. It returns to the clearing and begins to burn down the forest. The party manage to avoid its dangerous barrel roll attacks and break the contraption, harvesting some components to study and use later. They travel back to Rollsing, arriving at the town once more mid-day.


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