Shadows Of Giants

Session 7 God of Greed

Or as we fondly call him, the walking salad

Back at Mask’s Altar in the Ruins, the Adventurers see the shadowy mask once more- it reaches out and drains many of the thieves of their life-force. Re-stabilizing Theif Guild Leader Feton Sat and Priest Morias, Feton suggests the party does not venture down further into the Ruins; much of the guild is still down their, possessed. Instead, he points out a few storeroom locations on the map Richard had been drawing, as well as the approximate location of where Greed’s chamber was in relation to the rooms already searched. The party decide to excavate their way to the chamber.

Off to the storerooms, they avoid green slime, slippery ice, and foul air. Putting an entire storeroom full of mining equipment into their portable hole, they venture to the spot where they expect Greed’s chamber to be and dig. After an hour, they break through and make their way to the floor. Greed sits atop a throne, situated precariously on horde of gold! They exchange some words, Greed taking a fascination with Galatea’s wand, and the battle commences. With the situation looking grim, Richard quickly runs and brings back Onet Danderfluff who summons the Temple of Mask’s statue to help. The statue breaks through the ceiling and grapples Greed while the party throw punches and spells, Galatea using the wand which causes Greed to sprout leaves all over his body. Defeated, Greed sweeps up his throne and horde in a small whirlwind, escaping through the hole in the ceiling. The party climb out of the ruins, rest, buy and sell items, and spread the word of the God of Journeys and the God of Death.

The god posts reappear again on the main road through town, the two deities waiting nearby. What interests them is this: who was Greed summoning, and why did he think that would ensure Greed became the most powerful deity? A single character from the summoning circle is their only clue. Now, to find someone who knows what it means…


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