Shadows Of Giants

Session 6 Hope

After closing the summoning circle, a large shadow in a shape of a mask appears and attacks the group. The group grab the two unconscious thieves and run, the shadow lashing at their backs with such force it causes a cave-in. The party and everyone down in the ruins are now trapped. They follow the halfling for a time and get hopelessly lost. They leave the thieves in a safe area and explore the ruins for Morias, the God of Greed, and a way out. They meet thieves and their families all along the way and rally them to abandon Greed and pray to Mask. With every new follower Mask in the cape grows in strength. At long last they find Morias half dead and fend off a hungry displacer beast. They bring him back to the safety area and prepare to meet Greed in person.


mc_hat_mh mc_hat_mh

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