Shadows Of Giants

Session 5 Retaliation

Walking away from the wizarding university, Yarzjereh Bhuroin is spotted just as a pair of thieves begin to swing an ax in the air – dangerously close to the god post. The adventurers intervene, only to be addressed by the god who is responsible for the possessions, speaking through a thief as a vessel. He destroys the god post, and releases the thief, the thief having just enough time to point the party towards finding Feton Sat before being killed by the god. The party learn from Priest Morias about a ceremony to summon Mask, collect his cross amulet, defend themselves from thugs, and return to find every last thief missing. They complete the ceremony and discover Mask has been sheltered in a halfling’s cape. The party quickly deliver the cape to the halfling in jail and convince her to join them in the ruins, where the god is likely to take his next step. They save the thieves from being slain with a clever group illusion to demonstrate diety-like powers, and stop a summoning ceremony that was calling an entity with double canines to this realm.


mc_hat_mh mc_hat_mh

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