Shadows Of Giants

Session 4 Flee and Fall of the Wizarding Factory

Waking up to pouring rain, the adventurers hear rumors of the cursed magical items originating from a magical shop in town. Stepping into the shop they meet the proprietor, Master Gold, who has gold eyes, much like the ones being seen around town during possessions. He attempts to hurry them out as he is expecting company. The party successfully deceives the owner into thinking they are the company. The proprietor thinks he is being used as a scapegoat- whomever is possessing people around town is using him as cover. He needs an escort to escape the town safely. With a clever use of the druid’s horse transformation and quick bedroll cover and scatter tactic, the party is able to safely deliver the shop owner out of town. They give him a horse from the stables and directions to Rollsing.
Returning to town, the party attends a service at the Tempe of Mask and Azuth. At the Temple of Azuth, they speak with Clemmins the wizard apprentice, and discover something strange is going on at the university. They convince him to lead them to the university, and negotiate the translation of research papers about removing curses from magical items. After taking care of the university’s security measures, they meet Tal Imosefa the Headmaster in his office. The party determines he is under the influence of a particularly powerful possession from a gold bracelet he is wearing. With a quick distraction they pin him and remove the bracelet. He thanks them but feeling a slight tremor in the ground he quickly urges them to run. The party follow him without hesitation and safely exit the university just in time to see it be overtaken by a mountain of magically generated scrolls- a failed experiment to make spell scrolls at an accelerated rate.


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