Shadows Of Giants

Session 12 - Downtime

Eidolon wakes to Arun’s prodding claw- the gnome assists him with recovering a few coins that had fallen through a tiny hole in the cave. The rest of the team awakes and decide to head to town. Arriving at Rollsing, they see their respective God Polls, each one covered in notes about fey, artifacts, and the symbol recovered from the Kragspeak teleportation circle. The party head to Master Gold’s house, meeting and introducing Meliora to Eidolon as the deity warns the team to not stray within the house just yet. The iron dagger is delivered to Master Gold, who is then persuaded to construct a cloak from Appolomi’s portable hole, and gives a red letter to Eidolon to assist with procuring a shop space.
Attempting to finally have Did Tur pay for his crimes with the magical items fiasco weeks before, the party question him. The interrogation does not end well – after a chase and tying him to one of the God Polls, the sheriff and barkeep Rod is summoned and settles the dispute, favoring Did Tur’s side after a quick magical sweep of his shop reveals no remaining jinxed magical items being put up for sale. The team visit Mina and quickly acquire a small section of the blacksmith as a starting place for Eidolon’s magic shop.
A month goes by, where Bhuroin sets up a permanent shrine for the adventurers that were lost against Arun, Ricky assists with the construction of the shop, Appolomi goes hunting, Galatea collects the no-longer jinxed magical items that were delivered from Kragspeak, and Eidolon creates several items for the party with enough spare time to make experimental potions from harvested spider parts.


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