Shadows Of Giants

Session 11 - Be-Trade

Arriving back in Rollsing, they are met with a stampede of cattle. Settling that affair and guiding the farmer to tend to the cows, they make their way into town to recover one last cow. There, they meet Mina the minotaur, head of the Bronze Age blacksmith shop, who wrestles the cow into their custody and bids them leave. Bhuroin coaxes the minotaur to give her one of the scales of her armor, a copper scale. The group head out to the Hill and ask Arun why he sent them to the battlefield. Arun apologizes, but his protective instinct to guard his horde got the better of him. He accepts Bhuroin’s scale and agrees to give them the dagger if they recover the small horde in the Hill’s caverns for him. He flies off as the group heads for the Hill cave opening.
With wolves on the prowl outside, Galatea turns into a wolf and learns that they help protect Arun’s lands in trade for hunting rights. The druid convinces the wolves to wait until Arun returns to confirm the party has approval to be on his lands. Eidolon guides his construct to break through the first barriers of rock, the party harvesting spiders as they go. Upon reaching the horde, it is collected with Apollomi’s portable hole, and they return to the surface to an awaiting dragon; the wolves are seen leaving. Arun accepts the horde and gives them the iron dagger. After a brief performance by Bhuroin for Arun’s pleasure, the party are invited to stay the evening in a small cavern off to the side, made out to be a guest quarters.


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